An all day Royal extravaganza - a private walking tour with royal links at every stop
A chance to follow in the footsteps of Henry VIII and the other royals!


This tour gives you the chance to combine Henry VIII's Tudor trail with some of the most fascinating and iconic historic sites in London, all with connections to the Royals, past or present!

Start the day at Hampton Court Palace, home to Henry VIII for 811 days of his tempestuous reign, and find out why he considered his court to be the most magnificent place on earth.  No expense was spared: he ate the best food and lots of it; his tapestries were worth two of his favourite war ship the Mary Rose and he had enough jewellery to fill a boat – and you think I’m joking?!  His wives are legendary and their story compelling; his palace is beautiful and the tales of what went on within it are mesmerising.


But there is so much more to Hampton Court than Henry.  William III and Mary II made it their home towards the end of the 1680s and William’s sumptuous apartments are a joy to walk around.  Not only are the furnishings exquisite but for lovers of weaponry, there is a wonderful display of swords, bayonets, guns and pistols.  Add to that the strange etiquettes which existed then and the optical illusions on the ceilings and there’s fun to be had!  Thirteen years after William died, the Georgians came to take over the monarchy and a more dysfunctional set of people would be hard to find!  How about this for starters: rows between fathers and sons, banishments from court, wives locked away and a princess in labour being bundled into a rickety old coach at the dead of night!  And that’s only the beginning!  If the formal gardens are your preference, sixty acres await; they really were the playground of the royals for over 200 years!

After a bite to eat in the Palace cafe, we'll take the train to London and our three-hour walking tour of some of the most iconic sites in town will start the minute we get off the train at Waterloo station.  We'll continue Henry's story by seeing where Whitehall Palace used to be and where the equivalent of his leisure centre was built - this is today's Horse Guards Parade; we'll see the outside of St James' Palace that Henry was building for the son promised to him by Anne Boleyn - as we know the son turned out to be a daughter and so Henry used the palace as a hunting lodge instead.

But London is awash with Royal history and our tour will be full of their stories.  If it wasn’t for Edward the Confessor, for example, we wouldn't have Westminster Abbey or the Houses of Parliament – think of that; no bell ringing on New Year’s Eve!  And if George IV hadn’t moved the Royal Mews to Buckingham Palace, we wouldn’t have Trafalgar Square with Nelson on top of his column and the lions at his feet. 


There are so many questions to be answered.  What legacy did William Rufus, the son of William the Conqueror who invaded Britain in 1066, leave behind?  Why did Edward I build 12 crosses between Nottingham and London?  Which king was tried for treason in Westminster Hall and executed outside Banqueting House?  Which birds have lived on the ornamental lake in St James’ Park since the 1660s and which regiments have guarded the monarch from the same date.  You’ll find answers to all of these questions and more on this fascinating day’s tour.  Don't miss it!


The day will start at 10.00 at Hampton Court and end late afternoon on Piccadilly in the centre of London: the day will be interesting and fun.  We’ll have as many breaks as you want (there are several cafes at Hampton Court and we’re never short of a café in London!).  I can guarantee you’ll take away with you memories in abundance. 

You will need to buy entry tickets to Hampton Court online before you visit.  Please go to, click on Hampton Court Palace and it should be easy from there.


The meeting place for the start of this tour is the tarmac in front of Henry VIII’s gatehouse at Hampton Court.  The palace is half an hour’s train journey from London Waterloo station so very easy to get to.  Directions supplied on request!  If you're travelling by train, the tour start time can coincide with the arrival of your train.


Hampton Court Palace

Houses of Parliament

Horse Guards Parade

Buckingham Palace

The Mall

St James' Palace

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This 7 - 8 hour private tour. 


I am currently only taking bookings for up to 5 people meaning that the maximum group size is 6 - so, 5 guests plus me. 

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