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Fantastic private walking tours you will remember for ever

My name is Sandy and I set up Hobnob Tours 10 years ago - I specialise in fascinating guided history walking tours of Mayfair, St James', Westminster, Southwark and Hampton Court Palace in Surrey.  My tours are exclusive meaning that I guide just for you and your family and friends. 


I research and write the tours myself and take pride in their accuracy as well as their entertainment value!  Unlike some other guides, I specialise in just five areas of London meaning that I have detailed knowledge of these areas which I pass on to my clients in a fun, interesting and amusing way.  As well as picking out the most interesting historical snippets to tell you, I like to provide you with stories and anecdotes of the past that you won’t have heard anywhere else.  By the end of a tour with me, you will feel as if you've really got under the skin of the area we have explored, found something that you wouldn't have discovered on your own, and be left with some happy, if rather odd, memories!




My aim is to give you a pleasant and memorable experience and your enjoyment is my priority.  I won't rush you and you set the pace; you can ask whatever questions you like and, if you need a food/drink or toilet stop, just tell me! 

I want you to feel comfortable during a tour otherwise you won't enjoy it so, with that in mind, there is a maximum of 6 (including me) on my London tours so that everyone can stay safe on the pavement and hear what is said above the usual City sounds.  At Hampton Court Palace, I also guide a maximum of 6 so that you can fit comfortably into the narrow passageways of Henry V111’s 500 year old palace.  

Many customers have said that being guided by me is like doing a tour with a good friend. Adult and family groups are equally welcome and the individual tour descriptions indicate those walks that children will like.




You might be intrigued by the name ‘Hobnob’!  It has two meanings: either as a biscuit made from rolled and jumbo oats, sometimes covered in chocolate, or as a term relating to a ‘friendly chat’ which is what Hobnob Tours does.  I like both!!


100% of my Trip Advisor/Viator reviews are graded 'excellent' and as I now have over 100 reviews, I must be doing something right!  Do check out my customers' excellent reviews by clicking on the link to my Trip Advisor page.

Do join me for a tour.

Enjoy the hidden histories not found in the guide books!


Locally London based Guide

Please call me on 0771 538 1712

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