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'Once a Year go someplace you've never been before' - Dalai Lama

Mind The Gap Tours
3 hrs

If you would like to combine a Hobnob tour of Hampton Court with a gentle, relaxing cycle ride along the flat Thames side route from Richmond look no further than  Take a morning meander with John along the Thames path, break for lunch and then enjoy a Hobnob tour of the palace in the afternoon.  Go on, make a day of it! 

Explore other districts of Westminster
2 hrs

If Hobnob's Westminster, St James’, Soho and Mayfair walks have whetted your appetite for more tours in the City of Westminster, look no further than Susie of  She runs bespoke walks of this delightful area of London. 


If you love books, why not take one of Anthony’s literary tours which give an insight into the scandals and stories behind the writers, creators and collectors of Westminster.  Visit


Londonwarwalks has many a story to tell about the effect of WWI and II on London.  Join Mark, Charlie and Emmanuel for a trip down memory lane to a time of the Blitz, air raid shelters, rationing and army recruitment in Trafalgar Square! Find them at has some interesting and quirky tours on offer.  Join Yannick for his expert analysis of Art Deco in Bloomsbury or allow him to tickle your taste buds with his food tasting tours which delve into the history of the macaron and much loved petit fours. 


If you have ever thought that cemeteries are overlooked and misunderstood places then Sheldon would agree with you.  Join him at to find out more about the stories of heroes and villains, inventors and actors who lived and died.  

2 hrs
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