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Exclusive private walking tour of Westminster 
A chance to see some of London's best loved sights!

This tour starts by walking across Hungerford Bridge which gives us the splendid views of  the City of London and the River Thames.  this is an excellent tour to choose if you're hotel is close to Waterloo station and the South Bank of the River Thames.  Starting here allows me the opportunity to explain how London developed not as one City but two! 


Our walk takes us through part of Victoria Gardens where you will hear about something surprising beneath our feet before arriving in Trafalgar Square to see the famous lions nestled at the feet of Admiral Nelson.  Next, we wander past Banqueting House, the only remaining part of Henry VIII's magnificent Whitehall Palace, before arriving in Parliament Square to see some of the most well known sights in London.  If Westminster Hall, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey were all in their original state, they would each date back 925 years -  but, of course, they are not and therein lies a fascinating tale!

Our walk takes us through one of the quietest areas in London, where it's hard to believe we're just a few hundred feet from the hubbub of Parliament Square, to St James' Park, one of the most beautiful royal parks in London with its abundance of wild life on the ornamental lake.  From here, it's time to see the Royal palaces: Buckingham Palace sprawling across the end of the Mall, a royal residence occupied by the monarch since the days of Queen Victoria.  This is your chance to see the famous balcony where royal celebrations are shared with the world.  Next is St James' Palace which is just around the corner, the scene of many important Royal events.  This is where Elizabeth I waited for the Spanish Armada to arrive in 1588 and where, just over 360 years later, the Garter King of Arms announced King George VI's daughter was now Queen Elizabeth II.  On 8 September 2022, he announced her death and that her successor would be her son, King Charles III.

Our tour finishes by walking up St James' Street, looking at shops which are centuries old and hearing about the much coveted Royal Warrants.  Finally, we talk about the Gentlemen's clubs some of which still do not admit women!

This is a walking tour with a Royal mention at every stop so if you want to find out about the Royal family past and present, this is the tour for you!

This three to three and a half hour tour starts underneath the giant clock on the concourse of Waterloo mainline train station.

Trafalgar Square


St James' and Buckingham Palaces 


Westminster Abbey 


Houses of Parliament

The peace and tranquility of St James' Park

A Royal extravaganza!

This is a three to three and a half hour tour 


I am currently only taking bookings for up to 5 people meaning that the maximum group sizes is 6 - so, 5 guests plus me.


If you would like to book a tour, please click the button below.

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