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Tour options from Heathrow

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If my nine years in guiding have taught me one thing, it is that overseas visitors to London like to hit the ground running!  So, why not let me arrange a car to pick you up from Heathrow or Gatwick and bring you to Hampton Court Palace where you can immediately immerse yourself in the incredible story of Henry VIII and his six wives.

My three hour tour will include Henry's vast kitchens, his magnificent Great Hall and the Haunted Gallery, and depending on what you choose, will also include a combination of the glamorous apartments built for William III, the Georgian Rooms or the south side of the gardens.  You then have a choice of what to do next.


Option 1 - the car that brought you from the airport can wait whilst you have your tour and then take you on to your destination.

Option 2 - when you arrive at Hampton Court, we'll put your luggage in the boot of my car and, once the tour is over, we'll retrieve it and take the train up to London.  After dropping off your luggage at a convenient point, we'll stroll around part of the centre of London.  You might like to take a look at St James', London's Royal Village and continue to learn about England's monarchy both past and present or you might opt for wealthy Mayfair which developed around England's aristocracy.  

Do check out other areas of my website to read the detail of my St James' and Mayfair tours.


Option 3 - if you would like a tour in the afternoon in the centre of London, but would rather miss out on the adventure of going up to town by train, we can all climb in the car that brought you from the airport and travel up to London in style!


These options offer you the chance to start your visit to London with a day packed full of fun, facts and happy memories.


Let me know how you would like to plan your day and where you need to be when, and I'll work out an itinerary for you and price it up.  

A leisurely car journey from Heathrow or Gatwick to Hampton Court

A flexible itinerary

A chance to admire Henry VIII's magnificent palace within hours of landing in England! 

A tour of Hampton Court Palace costs £135 and an all day experience costs £330.  These prices exclude the cost of entry tickets to Hampton Court and, if you opt for the full day experience, any transportation costs to London.  To give you an idea, the cost of a car to take you from the airport to Hampton Court will be in the region of £95.

I guide for small groups of up to 5 family or friends meaning that the maximum group size is 6 - 5 guests plus me.

If you would like to book a tour, please click the button below.

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