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Has Christmas come to Westminster...?

Slowly to some parts, I think. St James' Street is lagging behind a bit although Berry Brothers have come up with a couple of beautiful wreaths to decorate their windows and Truefitt, my favourite grooming parlour (for men that is!) look very dapper with their display.

Jermyn Street looks great - at night these overhead lights look magnificent.

And, the entrance to the Piccadilly arcade looks lovely with the purple and orange display.

But, for me, Mayfair wins hands down. It has a far more Christmas-y feel to it particularly around the Mount Street/St Audley Street area. George's members club has really gone to down and looks gorgeous:

It's a little bit like entering a grotto! And Mount Street Deli have also pushed the boat out with their Christmas look.

The aerial display in Mount Street is also very sophisticated - just what you would expect from a neighbourhood with weekly rentals exceeding £4000!!

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