The greatest grape vine in the world

Yes, the grape vine at Hampton Court is in the Guinness Book of World records for being the oldest and largest productive vine in the world dating back to 1768, the reign of George III. As you can see, the grapes are almost ripe enough to pick and this task is carried out in the last week of August, first two weeks of September and the grapes are then sold in the palace shop each day. On average, the vine produces a 1000 bunches of grapes each year - the variety is the Black Hamburg and is a dessert grape and so is not made into wine.

Gearing up for the summer

You can tell it's the school holidays because six scary looking dragons have arrived at Hampton Court! They were part of the 'Here be Dragons' project at Kew in 2017 run by the children's programme Blue Peter. this one is called Scraps and has the power to rebuild himself into anything he chooses in order to make himself useful around the gardens! If only we could all do that! Pick up a Dragon Trail map to find where the others are hiding!

The food historians are back at Hampton Court!

They dress like the Tudor cooks and they use the same ingredients too - it looks like Robin is starting to make a cup out of sugar paste which would have been eaten as a part of the Royal banquet after the feasting had finished!

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