Southwark Cathedral

I have just started researching a new tour around Southwark, the area between London and the Millennium bridges, and it is so historically fascinating, it will be hard to decide what to leave out! Take this cathedral for a start. Famous as the priory of St Mary Overie until it was closed down during Henry VIII's dissolution, it became St Saviour's church before taking its current status in 1905. Revamped in recent years, it has the most beautiful interior including a stained glass window of characters appearing in Shakespeare's plays. Why you ask? Because the bard helped to build the original Globe Theatre just down the road!

One of my favourite courtyards!

Turn into the insignificant Blue Ball Yard off St James' Street and you will find yourself in this enchanting courtyard - it used to be part of a Royal stable but the stables have been converted by the Stafford Hotel into guest bedrooms, each named after a famous horse! Well worth a look!

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