Modernist architecture at its best

Denys Lasdun created this masterpiece in the early 1960s and it was the only building from this era to be given a Grade I listed status, an indication of its importance to the world of architecture. It belongs, of course, to the Royal College of Physicians which was where my first medical tour began last week! Victoria and Philip from the USA joined me for the 'Making of Thoroughly Modern Medicine' and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time going back in time to learn how medicine evolved from believing health was influenced by the planets and superstition to the advanced discipline it is today. This tour is ideal for youngsters studying 'Medicine through Time' at GCSE. If you're interested

Christmas at Hampton Court

As these images show, Christmas is in full swing at Hampton Court Palace - it's a beautiful time of year to visit! Topped off with a coffee and mince pie in the Tiltyard Cafe, what could be better!

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