State Rooms and Garden Highlights tour

Here's a date for your diary. Between 23 July and 30 September it is possible to book a tour of the State Rooms and Garden highlights at Buckingham Palace. You will need to leave about 3 - 3.5 hours to enjoy the whole experience. You take the State Room tour first and, to mark the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday this year, there is a special display entitled 'Prince and Patron'. After the State Rooms tour, you will have the chance to grab a few refreshments before joining the 45 minute garden tour. For the horticulturalists among you, this is a must! The cost is £33 for an adult and U17s are £19.70; U5s go free. To find out more visit the website.

Trooping of the Colour

I was in London a week or so ago and was lucky enough to see a trial run through of the preparations for the Trooping of the Colour this Saturday. It made me so proud to be English because we do pageantry like no other country on earth! I guided Keith and Leah, two delightful Americans, around St James' yesterday and their tour coincided with the Changing of the Guard ceremony - we saw some of the action at Friary Court and the Mall and then raced over to Wellington Barracks to see the new guard march across to the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. It was a fantastic experience and Keith and Leah loved it!!

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