A new little family

I love this time of year in St James' Park. Here is the latest little family of cygnets spotted on the ornamental lake last week. It is not the only place, though. I visited Claremont in Esher last Saturday and I was practically falling over the goslings there were so many! Well worth a visit, by the way. Claremont is a National Trust property and has a beautiful lake to walk around.

Oh, what a kerfuffle!

When John Aspinall first received a gambling license in 1962, he established the Clermont Club to provide British aristocrats and celebrities with an exclusive gaming experience. How sad then, that after 55 years, the CC has closed its doors. If the Times is to be believed, the CC is being sold to new owners. It's certainly all change along the west side of Berkeley Square as Annabel's, that well known and much loved nightclub owned by Mark Birley, has also closed its doors. But, the good news is, it was sold to Richard Caring, the entrepreneur currently buying up exclusive clubs and restaurants in Mayfair, and has now moved two doors down to 46 Berkeley Square where it offers an all day

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