Glamorous in its own right

I always think Westminster Cathedral is overlooked in favour of its more glamorous neighbour, the Abbey, just down the road. Built on the site of Tothill Fields Prison, the Cathedral first opened its doors to celebrate daily Mass in 1903. It was thanks to Cardinal Manning, who purchased the site in 1884 that the Cathedral is here at all. Round the back is the famous Cathedral Choir School, an academically selective Roman Catholic Boys Prep School for about 200 boys aged 4 - 13.

Spring has sprung!

It's so lovely to see all the birdlife in and around the waters of St James' Park lake. It won't be long before the ducklings and cygnets are on the water too. Can't wait!

Mews to your ears!!

Pop along with all the family to the Royal Mews on the last Saturday of the month from Saturday 24 February to Saturday 24 November between 11 - 3 for a fascinating few hours of arts and crafts. You will learn about the lives of the Royal horses and the history of the Royal Mews.

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