Beauty and the beast?

I have always loved the Sanctuary Buildings for their stonework and I often stop to admire them. So, I was rather shocked to discover recently that for a short period it was the HQ to the British Union of Fascists when they enjoyed a brief vision of power. Before long, their movement was cast out, a casualty of WWII and the good sense of the British people.

New Year, new exhibitions

There are some must see exhibitions open in London at the moment. On at the Royal Academy until 15 April is Charles I: King & Collector. the Ra is open between 10 - 18.00 and it costs £20 to enter the exhibition if you pay a donation and £18 if you don't. His son is not to be outdone! His exhibition entitled Charles II: Art & Power is on at the Queen's Gallery until May. So there's time to spare if yo want to see both but with a gap in between.

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