Royal Gifts

This year's visitors to the summer opening of Buckingham Palace are in for a treat because they will be able to enjoy a special exhibition of official gifts presented to Her Majesty the Queen during the last 65 years. There are about 250 objects given during State visits, Overseas tours and official engagements as well as those marking significant moments in the Queen's life like birthdays and jubilees. But there will be some gifts missing: I doubt that the bull elephant given by the President of the Cameroon or the two black beavers gifted by the Canadians will put in an appearance!! The dates for your diary are between 22 July and 1 October.

Real Tennis at its best

Real tennis is the game from which modern tennis derives and it's a complicated game. If you've ever wondered how it is played, now is your chance to find out. Hampton Court is staging an inaugural real tennis tournament between 11-16 July and the world's top 8 players will be taking part. Real tennis is only played in four countries: America, Australia, France and Britain and there are only 47 courts worldwide so, if you fancy being a world champion at something, why not try real tennis!! You probably stand a good chance of success!

Early July means the flower show

The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show starts on 4 July and goes on until the 9th. For those of you who love plants and flowers, terrific; those of you who live locally, not so good! Look up those train and bus times to avoid gridlock!

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