Do you ever think about the 'what if's'...

I do, often - what if, for example, Anne Boleyn had not miscarried her son when she witnessed Henry VIII falling from his horse that day in 1536...! And what if Charles had never returned from exile in 1660 to restore not only the monarchy but the theatres as well - would theatres even exist today? Hurrah for Charles II and for the patent he issued which enabled the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to be built in 1663. And it's still going strong - I wonder if Charles might have enjoyed a performance of 42nd Street?!

So pleased you're pleased!

I feel very proud to have been awarded Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence for 40 excellent reviews - here's to the next 40!

Wrong way street!

I love watching people bemused reactions as they see cars driving into the entrance to the Savoy Hotel and Theatre on the right side of the road - one of the only roads in London to drive that way round. Before the arrival of the hotel, carriages would pull up outside the theatre so their occupants could get out and walk straight into the theatre - when the hotel was built, it was decided to continue the tradition.

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